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Innovative Japanese cosmetic brand born in 2023. 

Start with what not to include, not what to include. We researched over 2,500 ingredients to arrive at skin care that is kind to your skin and the earth.

Stop excessive skin care with "looks good" ingredients. 

Start skin care to unlock your skin's true potential.

Concio from Japan

Your skin is a skincare genius, creating moisture, radiance, and renewal by itself. Unfortunately, many products and skincare routines encourage excessive hydration and over protection resulting in letting skin rely on supplementary care and leaving it unable to unlock its natural power…

Concio is born to change this. Discover Minimal yet effective solutions to delight your skin and earth. 

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No microplastics

Only gentle ingredients to you

Carefully selected natural ingredients

Not tested on animals

High quality

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About Concio

One day, my child suddenly developed atopic dermatitis.

We thought that the shampoo and body care products might be the reason, so we researched all the ingredients in the cosmetics he was using. Then, we learned that most cosmetics contain microplastics.

We thought it would be okay if it was organic, so we looked into it.
It contains many ingredients that can cause allergies and skin irritation.

We were looking for cosmetics that are kind to human skin, health, and the natural environment. We were shocked at how few options there were. 


This is how our journey to develop Concio started.

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